Please note, this photo is ©JUSTIN TABARI

a Leica


I was not expecting nor planning to have my very own Leica camera, surprisingly and pleasingly this changed whilst in Europe.  By chance, I had the pleasure of seeing some Leica cameras close up in person, at a window display of a Munich camera store, (whilst on the look out for a Leica boutique/store, ever since Berlin) it was in Paris, when I got the opportunity to hold and play with one.  The rest is history …  the trip finished with a D-Lux 6.

I’ll leave the camera review to Ming Thein and Eric Kim, two professional photographers experienced in reviewing cameras to give you a perspective on this Leica model.

For me, the D-Lux 6 is a beautiful piece of machinery, it’s a pleasure to use and loving the feel and weight of it, perfect for traveling light.  I am really looking forward to developing a relationship with this camera, while I continue to discover it’s functions, features and personality.  This camera is for keeps and going to be around for a while.

Danish feature writer and photographer, Thorsten Overgaard, has an informative piece on The Leica History.   With owning and using my Leica camera, there is the pleasure in knowing that the Leitz family (Leica founder) had an amazing humanitarian ethos – know by many as the “Leica Freedom Train“.




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