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Lesser Crested Tern

A seabird of the Tern family, seldom seen on inland waterways, preferring islands, beaches, lakes and inlets. Breeding in subtropical coastal parts of the world. This is a medium sized Tern, smaller than a Crested Tern, which it is often confused with. The adult has a scruffy black crest, black legs and a long sharp yellow bill. The upperwings, rump and central tail feathers are grey and the neck and underparts are white. The Tern mainly feed on small surface fish that are between 5 to 8 cm long. Sighting the prey from the air, they grab the fish behind the head, as they plunge into the water. Fisher folk often locate shoals of fish, by observing flocks of feeding Terns.

source: wikipedia, Birds in Backyards, Wildlife of Sydney

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