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FujiFilm X series


FujiFilm is regarded as one of the best camera brands.  It is the camera company that listens to their users, updating and improving their hardware and firmware off the back of consumer’s feedback, regardless of whether they are a professional or enthusiast photographer.  Their award-winning range of cameras are designed to suit Pros and enthusiasts alike, there’s a camera in their range that will appeal to everyone.

FujiFilm has been putting great effort and time building up the X-series range, since the inaugural FinePix X100 model revealed in September of 2010.  The camera was reviewed by Michael Zhang on PetaPixal.

The X series combines traditional styling with cutting edge innovative technology.  The series itself is not characterised by a single common sensor size, technology or lens format.  Its main differentiating feature is emphasis on the controls needed by an advanced digital camera user.

FujiFilm are designing X series models with the idealogy “make you fall in love with photography all over again”.

The range of FujiFilm cameras can be discovered on the FujiFilm website.

To further expedite the potential love affair with the X series have a look at the ranges’ X story on the X series dedicated website.

The X cameras, that make my heart skip and sing, in no particular order are the  X100TXT-1  and the  X30.  Both the X100T and X30, are the third iteration of their range released 20 November 2014.  Also released on the same day was the limited edition XT-1 in graphite.

I am very excited and look forward to having a X series camera or two, in my everday camera bag.  For me, apart from using a piece of wonderful machinery from FujiFilm, I also greatly respect an organisation that makes cameras for their users, while readily listening to feedback and making further improvements to their models.



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