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Garden photography – online inspiration


I came across Urban Gardeners Republic existence off a friend’s share feed the other day.  Their two Social Media sites intrigued me and got me clicking through their pages.  Inspiring me to write a piece on Urban Gardeners Republic for the Green Home and Garden online magazine.  Click through to read the article (Finding Gardening Inspiration Online) in full.

Urban Gardeners Republic seems to be an ideal platform for those who love garden photography and want to share their snap shots with a vibrant captive audience.  As well as sharing gardening and growing ideas and tips.

Following are Urban Gardeners Republic’s two links, click through and have a look and see if it appeals.  You just never know what you might find.

Urban Gardeners Republic on Facebook: https://www.facebook.comUrbanGardenersRepublic

Urban Gardeners Republic on Instagram:

I just want to round off by saying as a community page / site, I see Urban Gardeners Republic as a brilliant concept and great platform.  However the photographer in me can’t help the desire to merely mention Facebook’s and Instagram’s Terms of Use on photographs on their sites.  I’m sure you are aware of it by now, if not maybe have a look before you post your photographs.



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