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More than just an instant photo


The ease of use and immediacy of the photograph in the hand, makes the instant camera film system an excellent and fun camera to have around.  Popular at parties and get-togethers, friends flock around the instant camera to capture the essence of the moment, while making wonderful keep sakes. Bringing fun back to creating candid photos.

Apart from the obvious use of the instant camera, there are many other uses for theses little magic boxes.

The instant camera makes a great visual documenter and reminder of any important item that is at hand or stored away, the photo can be attached to the container or added to a journal or filing system.

The instant photo is great for creating memories, from travel logs, cooking triumphs for the recipe book, and a record of a childs’ journey.

The instant camera makes a perfect tool for gardeners who like to grow a variety or cultivars of vegetables and fruits and may have a wide selection of seeds stored ready to plant.  Most will likely have labeled seed packets with written notes on the packet or in a gardening or growing journal or notebook.  Some might have a large selection of crops to choose from, with most seeds having an average storage life span of five years, one might actually forget what the vegetable or fruit variety looks like over time.  The instant film makes a perfect visual reminder for the seasonal gardener.

The instant camera makes a useful tool for a photographer that wants to get a sense of the scene they are capturing, before committing the shot to film or digital card.  Also providing a wonderful way to instantaneously give a photo keep sake to the person they are photographing.

Instant style cameras are also perfect for those who find they do not have the time to photograph, download and print a photograph or not comfortable with the technology.

FujiFilm and Polariod make great and easy to use Instant Cameras. Both have a wide range available to the fan of these little magic boxes.

I grew up with the Polariod Instant Camera and nostalgia takes me back to a Polariod.  The FujiFilm Instant Camera, know as instax grabs my heart after using their instant film system, with the instax mini 90 being my favourite.

More details on the Polariod Instant Camera range is available at their website.

Polariod Z2300







Pop over to FujiFilm instax dedicated website for more details on their camera range.  The instax mini 90 also has a dedicated website for more details.


instax mini 90











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