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Year with the Leica D-Lux 6


I have put my D-Lux 6, through its paces through the past year, as I wandered the streets of Hong Kong exploring neighbourhoods, alleys, temples, wet markets, shops, malls, restaurants, abodes, and islands.  The cameras’ features and capabilities makes it a great compact camera to carry around.

Overall, I am very pleased with most of the camera’s performances.  When I get to my laptop, I often take a quick preview of the photographs as I download the memory card.  More often than not, I am impressed and very happy with the image the camera managed to take for me.

Being such a great piece of equipment to use, this compact camera allows me to take photographs without the hindrance of settings deeply buried in its menu, has contributed to the back log of images I need to review.

I look forward to sharing the images that make my heart jump and portray the essence of Hong Kong I wanted to capture, as I work through the folders of photographs.

Leica has a great overview of their D-Lux compact camera on their website.



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